Crown Epilogue nib

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Regalia Epilogue nib with "Crown" overfeed.

[EF reversible to 4B]

The Regalia "Crown" Epilogue nib. A handmade overlay, cut and shaped in the silhouette of a fountain pen nib. The "Crown" acts as an integrated overfeed, assisting ink in reaching the upper layers of my multi-tier nibs. Welded directly onto the main nib, the crown is joined for eternity.

The base nib, the "Epilogue", is a three-tier nib with two layers mounted underneath the first. The nib writes an EF on the regular side, and when flipped upside down, writes a 4B with adjustable line width from M-4B depending on how the pen is held.

My answer to the Sailor King Eagle Emperor, Cross Concord Emperor, and King Cobra, all in one nib.

There is also a Sequel variant, with the Crown overfeed. Please see last photo.

Shown: Version 3.0 (current version)