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These nibs have been modified for extraordinary softness and flexibility, and are prone to breakage. Experience with vintage flexible gold nibs highly recommended. 

Flex Modified Pilot Falcon fountain pens

My first successful experiments with making 14k gold nibs flexible. Only 4 available in Red/Rhodium.

  • Available nib types (writing samples below):
    • Extra Fine Flex - $225
    • Fine Flex - $225
    • B Cursive Italic Flex- $265

Each nib has been thinned and reshaped to provide incredible softness and flexibility. I will not make claims on how it compares to vintage gold flex nibs, but I will say - they're pretty darn flexy.

Each feed has been meticulously modified by hand to provide adequate ink flow during flexing.

Nibs have been individually tuned and extensively tested.

  • Included:
    • ** Free sample of high-performing ink! **
    • Full pen
    • Converter
    • Box

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